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Micro-exfoliating cleanser with 2% salicylic acid and 1% moisturizing and antimicrobial coconut oil at low pH 4.5 for enhanced dead cell removal. Removes surface dead cell build up to improve luminosity and even skin tone. Suitable for face and body.


Effectively cleanses without drying skin

Improves luminosity and evens skin tone

Deep cleans pores

Treats and prevents acne

Gentle surfactants are non-irritating

100% sulfate-free

100% fragrance-free

All-natural preservative system

Ideal for body breakouts

Calms bikini, folliculitis and razor bumps

Salicylic Face and Body Wash

  • 2% Salicylic Acid at low pH: derived from the bark of Birch Trees and also known as Beta Hydroxy Acid, this highly effective ingredient works by ungluing dead skin cells from each other and is renowned for its power to penetrate the pores and dissolve oil and debris. This cleanser utilizes the maximum strength allowed for over-the-counter preparations.

    1% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: keeps skin moisturized and soft, while its exfoliating properties help to cleanse pores without irritating the skin

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